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“Clear-eyed, fearless, taboo-breaking... The Long Half-Lives of Love and Trauma’s major contribution is its willingness to talk openly and place forefront a personal trauma of sexual abuse in its post-Holocaust context... Helen Epstein has consistently rejected sanitizing Jewish history — including women’s history... She has refused to keep secrets that she knew needed to be told and she has avoided idealization, nostalgia, and hagiography.” — Irena Klepfisz, Tablet Magazine

“Epstein takes the reader through her decades-long process of self-discovery, understanding and healing accomplished through a strong bond of friendship, a solid and supportive family, and the powerfully restorative effects of psychoanalysis... written with page-turning clarity, openness and complete honesty... This is a ground-breaking memoir in style and in its contribution to the issues of sexual abuse.” —Berkshire Eagle

“Poignant, vividly written and fearlessly frank. In this memoir, the story of the body is inseparable from the narrative of the self.” — Eva Hoffman

“Epstein illustrates the complex moral and psychological effects of trauma, and the gritty process of recovery.” —
Judith Herman, M.D.

“Never in her distinguished career has Epstein written more openly or more beautifully.” —
David Hajdu

“This book invents its own genre.” —
Sherry Turkle

“This is heroic writing, and belongs in the canon of accounts of mothers and daughters.” —
Patricia Hampl

“This memoir reads like a detective story and asks questions that affect us all: how does our sexual nature get formed or deformed, and how can it change?” —
Anne Karpf

“A must-read for anyone interested in life, love, trauma, and the human condition.” —
Ira Brenner M.D.

“I couldn’t put it down.” —
Faith Adiele

“Candid and penetrating... Epstein meticulously unravels the fabric of her past... A relentlessly probing memoir of a search for self-knowledge.” —

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