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“Poignant, vividly written and fearlessly frank. In this memoir, the story of the body is inseparable from the narrative of the self.” — Eva Hoffman

“Epstein illustrates the complex moral and psychological effects of trauma, and the gritty process of recovery.” —
Judith Herman, M.D.

“Never in her distinguished career has Epstein written more openly or more beautifully.” —
David Hajdu

“This book invents its own genre.” —
Sherry Turkle

“This is heroic writing, and belongs in the canon of accounts of mothers and daughters.” —
Patricia Hampl

“This memoir reads like a detective story and asks questions that affect us all: how does our sexual nature get formed or deformed, and how can it change?” —
Anne Karpf

“A must-read for anyone interested in life, love, trauma, and the human condition.” —
Ira Brenner M.D.

“I couldn’t put it down.” —
Faith Adiele

“Candid and penetrating... Epstein meticulously unravels the fabric of her past... A relentlessly probing memoir of a search for self-knowledge.” —